Saturday, 17 April 2010

Kyabje Lati Rinpoche's Homecoming In Mundgod

Day 5 of Rinpoche's passing. Below latest update from Jamie of Gaden Shartse Drophenling who is currently with a group of members at Lati Rinpoche's Gaden Shartse Monastery.

On 15 April, 15 cars of monks travelled from Mundgod to Hubli (1.5 hours journey), anxious to receive Rinpoche at the Hubli airport. Rinpoche was on a chartered flight direct from Dharamsala.

DPL chairperson, Karen, together with the monks, waited anxiously.....

Upon arrival of Rinpoche, all monks went forward in quick motion to make prayers and offer kartas to Rinpoche. An extremely emotional moment...

Back at the monastery, hundreds of monks continue to stand by and wait for Rinpoche's arrival anxiously, emotions were high.

HE Kensur Rinpoche Jampa Yeshe in the lead to welcome Lati Rinpoche back home to Gaden Shartse Monastery, walking towards Lati Ladrang.

From right to left, the high Lamas including HE Zong Rinpoche, HE Kensur Rinpoche Dakpa Tenzin, HE Kensur Rinpoche Kunchok Tsering were all present to welcome Rinpoche.

Hundreds of monks crowded around Lati Ladrang to pay their respects to Rinpoche. Many were crying.

DPL members praying outside Rinpoche's room, where his holy body is placed.

Non-stop prayers are currently being conducted by the monks for Lati Rinpoche round the clock and even overnight, praying for Rinpoche's swift return. All the monks came in groups to offer their respect to Lati Rinpoche. All the students and members have paid their respect, made prostrations and also prayers to Rinpoche in Lati Ladrang (Rinpoche's residence in the monastery) yesterday morning. Lati Rinpoche's passing was evidently felt. The atmosphere in the Monastery was solemn and all the Geshes and monks were saddened by their great loss, a vital figure in the Monastery and many students elsewhere all over the world. Lati Rinpoche was a highly respected, greatest most senior in the monastery.

The date of Lati Rinpoche's fire puja has been confirmed to be held on Monday 19 April in the morning. The Monastery will be conducting a Grand Guru Puja & Tsog Offering on the evening of Rinpoche's cremation. Please stay tuned for more updates.

DPL members in audience with Lati Rinpoche in his room, Nov 2009.

Lati Rinpoche has given most of his later years to the devotees of Singapore, apart from spending most of his time in India. Students and devotees are most blessed to have had the opportunity of receiving teachings, initiations and pujas conducted by Rinpoche. His immense loving compassion will always be remembered and we can only repay our teacher's kindness when we practice well.

We would like to emphasize the importance of praying and making offerings during this crucial 7 days, as this is to thank our guru's kindness and guidance for having helped us progress. Participating in the Guru Puja not only helps us purify our negative karma, it is also through this practice, we unite our minds with the holy mind of our Spiritual Master, who is considered the root and life-force of our spiritual path in order to receive blessings and generate realizations on the path to enlightenment. The effect of this ceremony is to assist people who don't have a guru to find one and for those who do have a guru to strengthen their spiritual bond, give heartfelt gratitude for their presence in their life, and in this case, to make the connection with Rinpoche for future lifetimes.

Old Geshe-la and monks paying respect to Lati Rinpoche after guru puja in DPL Singapore.

Guru Puja and tsog offering continues at Gaden Shartse Drophenling Singapore on Sat 17 April and Sun 18 April at 7:30pm, join our monks on the final 2 evenings of prayers to pay respect to Lati Rinpoche. May we receive his blessings and be able to meet Rinpoche again in the soonest quickest time in this lifetime!

Devotees paying respect to Lati Rinpoche.

If you are in Malaysia, you may wish to participate in a memorial puja which Sakyamuni Dharma Centre is holding in memory of Lati Rinpoche on Sunday 18 April. Please check their FB page for more details.

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