Thursday, 15 April 2010

Kyabje Lati Rinpoche's On-going Guru Pujus

Day 4 of Rinpoche's passing. Latest announcement from Gaden Shartse Drophenling:
Lati Rinpoche's entourage of attendants, lamas and students are on the way to bring Rinpoche's body back to Gaden Shartse Monastery, Mundgod. They will arrive in Hubli airport this afternoon at 4pm India time, via a chartered flight direct from Dharamsala. DPL chairperson Karen, resident monk Tenzin and devotees have already reached Hubli, awaiting to receive Rinpoche right now.
The date and time of Rinpoche's fire puja (cremation) has not been confirmed, pending some checks to be conducted. Please continue your strong prayers for Rinpoche's swift return to benefit all beings.
The guru puja and tsog offerings will continue every evening at DPL center till 18th April (the 7th day of Rinpoche's passing into Parinirvana). If you would like to pay your last respect to Rinpoche, please join in the prayers these few evenings. Om mani padme hum!!!
  Lati Rinpoche in Singapore, Nov 2008.
This was another poignant photo I took of Lati Rinpoche in the departure hall at the airport before he checked in for his flight home, the very last time I were to see my guru. In order not to tire Rinpoche too much from walking, the wheelchair was arranged. Despite Rinpoche's old age, he still made the effort to travel all over the world to give Dharma teachings and to give blessings to countless students and devotees with his compassion and kindness. Blessed are all of us who have had the affinity to meet Lati Rinpoche in this lifetime and to have received his teachings. Equally important, it is a reminder to us to always practice, practice and practice more. This is the only way we can repay the kindness of our guru. __/|\__

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