Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Eureka, it's Cafe Eurasia!

Oh my, it's already December! A few months ago, I was at Albert Court Hotel to receive a complimentary hair treatment. After that, I thought I should take the opportunity to have lunch at Kichn. Heard so much about their spaghetti in crab sauce, chicken nuggets and the 3-in-1 oreo shake etc... and with very reasonable prices. But alas, it was closed, or not yet opened that day.

It was such a hot and sunny and I was perspiring like mad. So even if Kichn was opened that day, I think I would have given it a miss anyway, because the mini restaurant is open-air sitting in the courtyard of Albert Court Hotel. Didn't think I would eat in comfort without aircon that day.  So I took a stroll down the road towards Selegie area. Met up with a friend.

Chanced upon this little cafe, Cafe Eurasia at Wilkie Edge. They serve an eclectic mix of European and Asian cuisine, like American breakfast, salads, pastas, burgers, sandwiches and kebabs and so on... They have quite a number of options for breakfast alone; from Chipolata sausages, to Croissantwich to Omelette to Full English breakfast.

For starters, I ordered the corn soup, which was delicious, despite the blobs of cream. Sprinkled a little pepper and it was a little bowl of hearty creamy soup. 

I could not make up my mind whether I wanted the Kebab or Fish & Chips. Decided to go ahead with the safe choice of Fish & Chips.  Served with tartar sauce, little salad, lemon, and chunky chips, the pieces of Fish were crisp and burning hot and soft inside. They marinated the batter with a tinge of Indian spices, which made this Fish & Chips slightly different, but nonetheless delightful.

Completed the meal with Cappucino Caramel Ice Cream. Did not want cake because I was stuffed. Nice end to a relatively hearty meal and good company.  

You may wish to check out their other items, like this Steak Sandwich, which is sirloin steak with caramelized onions and shredded lettuce and mustard mayonnaise. Another unique dish would be the Shawarma Roll, with a Middle Eastern touch. It is a popular shawarma chicken, mixed with lettuce and onions and tortilla wrap and fries. Most of its main dishes is less than $10. 

Cafe Eurasia is at 8 Wilkie Road #01-17, Wilkie Edge, Singapore. Tel: +65 6238 8121.


  1. Looks really good! I walked past it that day... shall try when I'm in the area again. hehe

  2. Hi dear! It was something different. You should try the Kebab. :)


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