Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I had lunch with Darth Vadar and Stormtrooper!

Had an impromptu lunch with my fellow bloggers, Old Beng and Bohtakchek.  It was the first time both Old Beng and BohTakChek met each other, although I have already met both on separate occasions. 

We had lunch at Pasta de Waraku which has value-for-money lunch promo sets. Here was our lunch, although this is not a food review.

Both guys had the Carbonara, looked creamy and delish.

I had the Vongole. They were pretty generous with the clams in white wine sauce.

Zooming in on the clams....

Chicken Teriyaki Pizza. Just an additional of $3.

I like thin crust pizza because it is not too filling.

Potato Salad.

Koro Koro Tofu - small cube tofu was yummy.

This photo is from BohTakChek. We are all secret(ive) agents, by the way.  Thanks for the lunch treat, Old Beng! Kam siah!  Nice meeting up with you guys!

A nice pix of my fellow bloggers. Hahah! Online, I have "known" both guys for a long time. I tend to classify blogs that I read into different eras, although not necessarily by the real age of the bloggers. For more than 7 years, as I write here on Life of Lopsided 8, I have also faithfully followed some bloggers. Both Old Beng and BTC belong to an 'older' era, along with Bobobimbo and Confessions of THB. Twitter, in recent times, helps bring us closer, in terms of interaction.

Bloggers came and went. I miss reading some of the earlier blogs like AmuseBouche, EarthEmber, CupcakeQueen, Rice&Soup, Misadventures of SibehSian, Beyond Petridish, Maotai,  Mies&Carrots, Limbueytor, Very Poisonous Lady, Just Eat Lah ..... the list goes on. Most of them have already stopped writing. The bloggers of the  'new' era  in general have quite different styles of writing and behaviour, some good, some not so good. 

Well, it's another day. New blogs will surface and disappear with time. Some resurface. I hope those blogs which I follow will keep on writing and I wish, if time permits, I will be able to meet some of the 'old' and 'new' bloggers, especially my LOL8 readers. 


  1. My pleasure in meeting 2 of the most tok-kong bloggers of all time. Thanks for coming all the way to my office to have lunch with me.

  2. lol *older era sia* :) We should do one soon dear! :)


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