Monday, 13 December 2010

To reader Tortoise-shell

Thanks to those who responded / retweeted to my earlier posts on Will You Eat Me? and Stop Sharks-finning.  For those who commented privately and yet did not leave a name or contact, please at least give me your contact email, so that I can answer your queries. 

To Tortoise-shell, thank you for your comments which you requested not to be published. As I have reiterated many times before, I would like to clarify that I am NOT a food blogger, nor is this a food blog, nor is this entirely a Buddhist blog. It is just a regular blog of a fellow sentient being trying to find peace, by practicing the Path (if you have followed my blog since 2004). Besides blogging about the Dharma, it is also about sharing my daily life as well, which includes food, my thoughts, my dreams, the people I meet, other happenings etc..). I have yet to become a full time vegetarian, although I am leaning towards that.  It is about my journey from a non-practicing Buddhist to a practicing Buddhist. I wish to remain honest to my readers that what they read are my personal encounters /experiences/ reflections.  As the creator of LOL8 blog, I reserve the right to determine whether LOL8 blog will continue as it is or be split into vegetarian food blog or Buddhist blog or otherwise. It will depends on my aspirations in the near future.  If you are already a full time vegetarian and Buddhist practitioner, I would love to hear from you and to share with me your experience. If you prefer reading a blog which focuses on the Dharma, maybe you can check out Buddhist blogs like Moonpointer and The Refugee. Both blogs are written by wonderful Dharma brothers. If you would like to share your views, please email me at  Thank you. Om mani padme hum!

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