Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Say NO to Sharks Fin soup during this reunion! 庆祝新年, 拒吃鱼翅!

Chanced upon these at the supermarket - pre-packed sharksfin. During the Chinese New Year, most people buy these to make Sharksfin soup for their reunion dinner or eat these at the Chinese restaurants, or during wedding dinners.  

Also, I saw this poster reminder in www.GreenKampong.com

When we tuck into our reunion dinner feast this lunar new year's eve, may we remind ourselves not to order Sharksfin Soup from the menu. 

The fact of the matter is this – sharks’ fins do not add any flavour to your soup – it’s the other ingredients that make the soup taste what it tastes like. Stay away from it, and the whole marine eco-system will thank you for it, and you might be creating your own good luck by doing just that.

Need to be further convinced? Read my earlier entry on Stop Shark Finning. May you enjoy your reunion dinner by doing a good deed.

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