Friday, 1 July 2011

Hong Qin Duck Porridge 鸿勤鱼粥.鸭粥

There is an old coffeeshop along Sims Avenue at the junction of Geylang Lorong 27 which I sometime visit. The stall is Hong Qin Fish & Duck Porridge.

They sell a combination of braised food which are all very delicious and brings back the flavour and nostalgia of the old days. I guess they originate from what the Teochews like eat.... mainly Fish Porridge, Duck Porridge, Braised Duck, Braised Pig's Trotter, Tau Pok, Braised Egg and Mei Cai Preserved Vegetable.

My favourite has got to be the Duck Porridge. Their duck porridge is not the gooey congee type per se. Still, everyone called this dish Duck Porridge.  It is basically solid cooked rice served in slightly brown-coloured fragrant soup, together with bit pieces of braised duck and braised egg.

There is something very comforting when slurping the soup, mixed with the gravy from the braised duck, and eating the rice porridge.  The soup is brewed to perfection.

If you do not fancy soupy stuff, you can savour the dishes with yam rice or plain rice. The braised duck wings, pig trotter / intestines are also very popular appetising choices. I usually order the mei cai preserved vegetables too, as a side, which is salty and goes very well with the main dishes.

I have yet to try the Hong Qin fish soup which I believe is good too. It reminds me of the fish porridge my grandma cook sometimes;  fish slices with rice in clear soup. 

Hong Qin Fish & Duck Porridge is located at:
302 Sims Avenue (Near Lorong 27 Geylang) Singapore 387516.
Nearest MRT: Ajlunied
Opening hours: 5.45am - 2.30pm

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