Friday, 7 October 2011

Arnold's Fried Chicken

Arnold's Fried Chicken is one of my favourite fried chicken joints around. Forget about KFC. Went with a Dharma friend (who is also my blog reader, *big wave*) to this fast food restaurant quite a few weeks ago. Have not been to Arnold's for quite a while.

As usual there was a long queue of customers outside. Their system of ordering was a little unusual. Diners will order from a service staff at the entrance, after browsing their menu while in the queue. Only when existing diners finish and there is an available table, then the diners would be guided to their table. After that the diners were to proceed to the counter inside to pay up for their orders. Their orders would be served at their table shortly.

That day we waited about 20-30 minutes before we got a table. Mind you, it was already past lunch time, almost 3pm, yet the restaurant was full. But it was ok as we had plenty of time to spare and good for chit chat. My order was the Half Spring Chicken Set (S$5.90) with mashed potato and salad. It was quite a big portion, compared to the other 2-piece chicken set. My friend said the chicken was well marinated, very tender with a tinge of garlic smell, which made the fried chicken so fragrant. I confess I like the fried-till-crispy skin when it comes to fried chicken. I guess it is ok indulging in this sinful meal once in a while. We ordered an additional dish of Criss-cut Fries ($3.00) because this was not available in other fried chicken restaurants. By the way, besides fried chicken, Arnold's also serves Fish & Chip as well as Fish & Squid sets at $8.30 each. Overall, it was such an enjoyable meal.

To side track, when it comes to mashed potato, I still love Popeyes' Cajun Mashed Potato. It is chunky and topped with the absolutely spicy gravy, which made this side dish not too "jelak" (repulsive). Absolutely yummy!

Arnold's Main Branch - City Plaza:
810 Geylang RdCity Plaza #02-99
Singapore 409286Tel: 6746 2372

Hougang Green Shopping Mall:
21 Hougang Street 51, #01-49Hougang Green Shopping Mall
Singapore 538719Tel: 6386 9015

Express OutletPasir Ris Town Park:
94 Pasir Ris CentralPasir Ris Town Park
Singapore 519637Tel: 6585 0584

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  1. Yay! Arnold's chicken! Yummy!

    And thank you for spelling it Jelak! Too many people keep typing "jerlat" which is totally wrong!


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