Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A little celebration in Little India

We had an earlier celebration for one of my best friends over the past weekend. Being rather adventurous, the birthday girl requested that we dine at an Indian restaurant this time and everyone must come dressed in Indian garb too. This was quite a challenge for a couple of friends because, firstly, they do not fancy indian food, and secondly, they do not have anything Indian in their wardrobe, and thirdly, they hardly step into Little India. For me it was no problem because I love anything Indian (almost!).

We decided on Apolo Banana Leaf Restaurant at Race Course Road, just because we had visited this restaurant together umpteen years ago.  We had wanted to relive the earlier memories.  This was my share on a banana leaf - naan with an assortment of dishes and gravies! 

We had curry fish head, tandoori chicken, navratna khorma, palak paneer, lamb etc.... It did not look a lot but it was quite filling for 5 of us.

My buddy for the longest time, and so were the rest. Happy birthday to her!! May we all be friends forever.  I am quite thankful for them as we have seen each other through our individual ups and downs, and I am very sure they would stand by me through the good times and definitely through my bad times. For that day, I think we all passed with the Indian theme party. It was a success. Now we've already planned our next theme for the next birthday celebration.

Before our late lunch, I took the opportunity to snap a few shots of Little India. I am always excited when I visit Little India, because there is so much life and a mesmerising different culture - I love the sense of vibrancy and interesting stuff we see along the streets and shops.
Hope you enjoyed my Little India snapshots. What a wonderful weekend spent with a little celebration with closest friends.  I am looking forward to our next birthday gathering and a different theme. Very happening, eh?

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