Saturday, 22 December 2012

What brings the happiest life - a big heart

I am so happy and blessed to have met so many of my gurus recently. Amidst the excitement of seeing so many of my dearest gurus face to face, plus observing the behaviour and attitude of everyone around me (including doing some self reflection), I think I can end 2012 with a bittersweet note. More sweet than bitter, actually. 

As I mentioned before, and I would like to regurgitate again. Visiting a Buddhist centre and participating in its activities is not solely about networking. It is looking for and learning the Dharma and to observe and experience how Dharma can transform your own mind and thinking towards life in general. How you behave outwardly reflects how much you have subdued your own mind. Talking loudly, or rather, having too many opinions in every single topic does not make one more realised. In fact it becomes an obstacle towards liberation. 

Many of my more senior Dharma brothers and sisters, all good practitioners, are more composed and calm in all situations and crises. They do not yak unnecessarily. All of them is a motivating example for me. There is no need to fight for more attention, or to impress others about your capabilities (or lack of). There is no need to treat everyone differently, regardless their social background and educational level. There is no need to 'PR' with only the rich and smart (and loud) people.  I hope all of us have the purest sincere intention to practice the Dharma, and not to indulge in mindless games. Practising Dharma or going on retreats or pilgrimage or performing meritorious activities should not become an ego trip instead. 

As in the card below written by Lama Zopa Rinpoche says, "This precious ant is teaching us to have a big heart, no matter how poor or tiny you are."

I have learned that no matter how limited our resources are, no matter how poor we are, with proper and right gurus, we can still achieve the enlightened state of liberation. And we can only do it by ourselves. Not even our guru or closest friend can help us.  

Lama Zopa Rinpoche recently wrote the below to a center and I think it is relevant to many of us who attends or serves in a buddhist centre. It very much echoes how I feel at the moment. May it be an inspiring force to all to continue the good work with the right motivation. 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche: 
"Thanks to those who begin the center, and then all the rest who are studying, practicing and those who come from time to time and those helping the center mentally and physically. What else is there worthwhile doing? That can bring a most happy life! 

Practicing Dharma - even if it is for oneself - even for one or two sentient beings – it's so beneficial. Then if one practices Dharma for all sentient beings of the 6 realms - wow wow wow! Unbelievable benefits!  Awakening yourself and others, freeing yourself in order to free others. 

Even reciting mani mantra for numberless sentient beings for their enlightenment - wow wow wow wow wow!!!! Reciting the mani mantra even one time with bodhicitta - wow wow wow wow wow!  So meaningful! Reciting mani without bodhicitta, the merit you create is like the sky. So reciting with bodhicitta - wow wow wow wow wow!!! 

This is the reason you need a center, a place to learn Dharma and practice, where you provide a teacher etc. So you can see the unbelievable kindness of the people who make this happen, like the teacher and the director. You can see the benefits of such a place! A place where you learn the Dharma, where the causes for inner happiness and how to abandon the causes of suffering and eventually to remove all the sufferings are explained.  So a place doing this: how important that is, a place providing this. And the people who help in it - wow wow wow!  So meaningful. That is the happiest life.

Thank you very much from my heart to each and every one of you. I will pray for everyone to quickly end the suffering of samsara and achieve enlightenment. Thank you very much."

To those who are celebrating Christmas, and all the readers of my LOL8 blog, STUMPBO wishes you a great time, to reflect and to rejoice on the good and bad, and may 2013 be a great year for you ahead. 

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