Thursday, 19 December 2013

My dream of black butterflies

A couple of months ago, I had a very brief dream.  I saw a very huge black butterfly with curvy wings fluttering about right before my eyes.  I have never seen this type of butterfly before in real life.  It was stark black with no spots or any mix of other colours. Then another exactly the same black butterfly also appeared from nowhere fluttering around slowly. And yet another also appeared.

All of a sudden, with just a blink of the eye, I felt something came out of my secret part in lightning speed. It was the black butterfly in droves. They fell to the floor, dead and just stacked on top of each other quickly with a sound “bloop bloop bloop” like jelly.  Right in front of me, they made up a huge lump of black butterflies, like a mountain high.  I was totally stunned as I stared at the black mess.  I was not afraid, just stunned. Then I woke up. 

It was actually not a bad dream. In fact I think it was a good dream.  Having the black butterflies come out of my body, signifies clearing of bad energy and negativities. So it was a purification. Incidentally, on the day before this dream, I had taken a blessed Dharma pill given by a highly realised lama, because I had to attend a funeral wake continuously for a few days.  

This dream was somewhat similar to the other dream I had previously, in which Geshe Ngawang Longtho, chanted prayers and a huge drove of black bees or flies flew out of my chest and disappeared into thin air.

May all negativities and obstacles thus be purified and eliminated immediately. 

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