Monday, 17 March 2014

Day of Miracles

Yesterday was a very special day, Chotrul Duchen, the ‘Day of Miracles’ which commemorates one of the four great deeds of the Buddha. It occurs on the full moon (the fifteenth day) of the first Tibetan month. The first fifteen days of the New Year (Losar) celebrate the fifteen days on which, in order to increase the merit and the devotion of future disciples, Buddha Shakyamuni displayed a different miracle.

I share here some of the photos posted on the Day Of Miracles by friends in Facebook. 

Long life prayers and offering a special statue for His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala.

Fog in Margate, England. 

Baby deer finds warmth in a bird nest. 

A great shot by a friend Esther holidaying in Norway. Here she was dining by the wharf Fiskekompaniet, Tromso.

The 23 year old McDonald's in King Albert Park closed at 11.59pm. It was a place with many fond memories for many Singaporeans. Here is one photo with my classmates umpteen years ago. 

On this auspicious full moon day, children painted their faces and for the adults taking a yoga meditation course in Pokhara Buddhist Meditation Centre, Nepal. 

A rare but beautiful photo depicting the harsh life in Afghanistan. 

It is even more incredible when you realise this was taken in light-polluted Singapore.

The whole world awaits news of the missing MH370, amidst bomohs, coconuts, conspiracy theories, conflicting stories and much astonishment and disbelief. 

End of Losar celebration in Kopan Monastery, Nepal. Here is the school building where the monks study. 

Full house during puja in Dro Phen-Ling, obstacle-clearing, empowered blessings for many during Losar period. 

The little miracle... welcomed heavy rain across the island after 60 days of 'drought' and haze in Singapore on this Day of Miracles. 

PM Lee Hsien Loong urged Singaporeans to be more gracious and kind in his post yesterday. Indeed, as Bob Ferrey puts it, "Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and the most underrated agent of human change". 

Last but not least, me with the late His Holiness Kyabje Trijiang Dorje Chang on this Day of Miracles. 

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