Monday, 24 March 2014

How else should the rest of us behave?

I was from Christian schools from primary school all through secondary school and junior college.  So I am not unfamiliar with stories of lepers in the Bible and how Jesus healed them. This was one of the miracles Jesus performed to instill faith in the followers. Leprosy was very foreign to me, even in those days.  

So when I read news of His Holiness the Dalai Lama visiting leprosy patients in New Delhi a few days ago, I did not realise that leprosy, being one of the oldest known diseases to mankind, is still quite prevalent in India.  The purpose of his visit was to boost the morale of the leprosy patients and their families and to help people overcome their prejudice against the affrected. It was so touching seeing His Holiness getting close and personal with the patients, bowing low, touching them, blessing them and healing them too.  (I must say they are so so so fortunate to be touched and blessed by His Holiness, the Living Compassion Buddha, 1000-Armed Chenrezig/Guan Yin).

His Holiness Dalai Lama said, "People who spend money on luxury are foolish. They should spend money for the needy. If you believe in God or Buddhism and spend your money on the needy you will accumulate good Karma."

Another thought came to me .... 

"Even the highest of all teachers shows such humility, compassion and equanimity towards anyone, everyone. How else should the rest of us behave?"

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