Tuesday, 5 September 2006


I have not touched beef for almost 2 years, I think. Ever since I became a Tibetan Buddhist or rather, after I came to know Buddhism more, I have opted not to eat beef anymore, ever again. So I didn't touch burgers at all, except chicken whopper. I used to love a sizzling medium-raw juicy steak. I used to like the popular meatballs set selling from Ikea's cafe. I used to like beef noodle soup with the thin slices of beef and beefballs.

I once had a dream, on the night after Paltrul Rinpoche gave the Ganapati initiation. I was walking in an enclosed wet market which was chilly, as if I was inside a freezer. I saw a huge chopping board on a table. On it lies a cow carcass which was just freshly slaughtered. Its body was white and I saw the head of the cow, its mouth slightly apart, and eyes still wide opened. The eyes looked of fear and terror. And it was bloody all over the
carcass. Blood everywhere. I saw myself cringing in the dream.

That's why the more I didn't touch/eat beef from then on.

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