Saturday, 11 November 2006


On my sis birthday 11/11, I brought her and family to Azabu Sabo Japanese Restaurant. It is a restaurant who is well-known for its famous Hokkaido ice cream. It's an all-in-one restaurant where you can enjoy a full Japanese meal, complete with all types of desserts. I heard that the dessert is so good that at least 680 people walk through the doors on a Saturday. Soft ice cream on sweet potato with green tea sauce and red bean paste is very nice. The starchy taste of the sweet potato enhances the softness of the ice cream. We ordered all different types of desserts to try. The macha with green tea ice cream combination is also simply heavenly. Oishii-ne!! Oh BTW, happy birthday, sis!

Azabu Sabo Restaurant
Marina Square 02-170/171, tel: 6338-1244.

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