Wednesday, 8 November 2006


Was reading Lillian Too's World Of Fengshui (WOF) magazine, the article on "Reading The Faces Of Future Queens". There was Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Kate Middleton (girlfriend of Prince William) among others.

Lillian said Princess Mary has a perfect egg-shaped face which according to Chinese face reading techniques is the ultimate face shape to have. An egg-shaped face for a woman indicates she is certain to marry well and to someone very wealthy. I look at my own face, I also have a perfect egg-shaped face. WHERE is the wealth?? WHERE is MY Prince??!

Lillian also said "what is lucky about Mary's cheeks is that they not just indicate wealth and more than enough to eat, but also success, a life of luxury and great popularity. Finally if you look at Mary's chin, it is slightly pointed and also tilted slightly upwards, these are two important signs of power in old age. Women with this kind of chin are said to bring excellent fortunes to their husbands." I look at myself, I also have pointed chin. WHERE is MY power? WHERE is my husband ??!!
As for Kate Middleton, her face resembles that of Princess Mary, in fact her face indicates plenty of good fortune. The Chinese describe this type of face not just filled with good luck, but also attracts luck to all those around her. Her cheeks and chin also bring her extreme good luck. I look at myself, with similar features.... WHAT good luck? WHERE is my love? WHERE WHERE WHERE
Thou shalt wait and see.

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