Monday, 6 November 2006


I am so absolutely delighted that my niece who is in Primary One got back her exam results today. She is No. 3 in her class. There are two No.1s and no No.2 in her class. So technically she is No.2. And her position is No.4 out of 328 students in the entire Primary One.

My whole family was beaming with pride, relieved and overjoyed, her parents, her grandparents and even her babysitter! It may sound like we are behaving like hard-nosed pragmatics. But we can't deny Singapore is a place where literary achievements are so emphasised. I know she is only in Primary One. She still has a looooong way to go (before University), but for the time being, we take pride in the simple joy of seeing our little sensible girl making progress and enjoying whatever she do, be it learning piano, or swimming or drawing or studies.

Even if she is the last in class, me being the doting aunt, will still reward her with her favourite ice cream in Swenson's or sashimi in Jap restaurants. Or anything she likes!

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