Saturday, 4 November 2006


Last week I went for puja, I was expecting to see His Eminence Lati Rinpoche but he didn't join us. He was upstairs. Then tonight I went for puja again, not expecting to see him, but he appeared!

I can't describe how I felt. When he walked slowly towards the high throne seat, I instinctively knelt down, some others did the same. My hair were all standing and I was near tears. This is mostly how I felt when a living Buddha is next to me! Especially more so for Lati Rinpoche. The energy he was emanating was intense. The overwhelming joy was hard to contain when meeting him again, finally, unexpectedly.

When Rinpoche was seated on the high throne seat, he looked around the people in the room, and for a few moments, I felt him looking at me. Again my hair stood up. As puja started, for a brief few seconds I suddenly smelt a whiff of nice smelling flowers. Although there were huge vases of flowers surrounding him, I didn't smell anything before his arrival. That was strange, I thought. It's really the smell of Buddha's presence (I experienced this many times before). After the puja, I was blessed by Rinpoche. I really felt extremely happy tonight!!!

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