Sunday, 25 March 2007

Bean there, done that!

It was a "constructive" weekend, meaning I did other stuff, apart from lazing at home. Friday night went to the 24-hour HK cafe with my lazy rich friend for dinner again. Although the food was so-so, but we like to try the numerous items in the menu. This time we tried the fried lotus roots, the seafood yee mee, the corn soup, the soft tofu dish and for dessert, almond dumpling soup. Nice end to the week, but it ended with a slight stomach upset when I got home. Nothing wrong with the food, just that my tummy has been having lots of gas recently.

Saturday noon went to meet an online buyer. The bugger turned out to be a 13-year-old malay boy who made me wait for more than half an hour for him. I was half expecting a no-show. But he came, so fine. Took the train to Bugis to meet my lazy rich friend again. We wanted to check out dzi beads. Ended buying the 15-eye dzi bead, heh! Went for lunch at the vegetarian restaurant I frequented, ordered the mock mee goreng, the mock wu xiang, the mock popiah, mock Japanese tempura set, mock herbal soup. I like this place because it sells everything under the sky. You want to try any dish, you name it, they will definitely have... the mock version. Vegetarian lah. And we followed by having gui lin gao in another shop. This time, no mock lah.

My lazy rich friend bought a Tibetan singing bowl, some incense sticks all in the name of space cleansing. I think fengshui sellers need to thank Lillian Too for boosting the popularity of fengshui and buddhist items worldwide. For eg, singing bowls, dzi beads, buddha statues and mantras, crystals and precious stones, fengshui stuff like windchimes, qilin, mandalas, and many others.

Right till evening, went for my Saturday night puja, and it was Medicine Buddha puja this week. After prayers, went with sis family to the Old Airport Road Market for dinner. Had the herbal chicken and hokkien prawn mee. It was a hot day and evening. When I went home again my stomach was calling. Then it began to rain very heavily with a little wind even. It was a very auspicious sign. I heard from a senior Geshe in the center that whenever there was a heavy downpour after a puja, it means the buddhas are listening. And Saturday's heavy rain was unexpected, right after a very hot day.

Sunday morning brought Raegan and Raee to watch Mr Bean's Holiday whom they love. I watch for the sake of bringing them to watch. That's all. Bought them both a book each, Winx and Pokemon. In the afternoon, my family went to the center again. I have made a personal appointment to receive blessings from His Holiness 101st Gaden Tripa Rinpoche. It has been 2 years since I last met him. I remember when I first saw him, I was almost in tears, moved by him. This time round, he blessed me, my mom and my sis and family. He looked well and I look forward to his teachings in the coming weeks.

Had a simple dinner on Sunday night with Mom. Came home, again went to the toilet a few times. My upset stomach again. I take it as a sign of internal cleansing lor.

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