Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Are you one?

From Shen Shian:

The sutras describe the existence of many Bodhisattvas among us in various guises, manifesting various ways to assist us. That is less far-fetched than imagined. For instance, have you ever come across an online forum with many helpful participants eager in giving advice, who might at times argue or agree, who nevertheless teach you invaluable lessons through their discussions? These are “faceless” folks, but their advice need not be any less helpful or real. These can be Bodhisattvas in disguise? Bodhisattvas can “lurk” everywhere - online and offline!

Even if you don't believe in the manifestations of Bodhisattvas, what you cannot deny is that there are those with the Bodhisattva spirit of wanting to help you. Anyway, truly skilful Bodhisattvas don't easily reveal their identities. At the end of this life, you still might not know who are the Bodhisattvas who manifested in your life. If so, as long as we can learn something worthy from each other, why not see each other as Bodhisattvas? With this sense of gratitude and humility, we will learn even more.

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