Thursday, 26 April 2007

Nina Wang mentality?

If I will ever be as rich as HK businesswoman, Nina Wang, who passed away recently, would I leave my entire fortune to a fortune teller, just as she supposedly did????? NO WAY. I think she got duped. What love affair so to speak? Talking about being at the right place at the right time...this fella!

For me, if I will ever be as rich as Nina, I will give 60% of my wealth to my family - parents, husband, kids, sis, niece and nephew, whoever that is alive before me. 10% will go to charities like children cancer society, orphanages, and old folks home. The remaining 30% I will donate to Dharma causes such as the buddhist centers I know, and all the Rinpoches and Gurus to continue the spreading of the Dharma in order to benefit many sentient beings in this lifetime and future lifetimes. And before I kick the bucket, I must build a temple or stupa or the building of Buddha statues.

And I will leave to friends close to me all my precious tangible belongings for memories' sake. I most probably won't need to give my friends money because they are most likely to be richer than me!

So... are you leaving a will? To me perhaps?

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