Thursday, 26 April 2007

Great Terton Venerable Ganor Rinpoche

Last night was the first time I met Dzogchen Ganor Rinpoche who gave me the Vajrakilaya Initiation. He is one of the most prolific and powerful Treasure Discoverers of our time. His manifestation in our world is prophesied by the Buddha Himself, Guru Padmasambhava and the great Pandita Vimalaimitra.

Ganor Rinpoche manifested His great realizations through numerous inconceivable activities including leaving His foot prints, thumb prints in solid rocks. With his unsurpassing power he could directly communicate with non-humans like the Nagas, Devas (Demi God) and local spirits. With his powerful rituals he could easily subdue the powerful evil spirits and demonic forces. Ganor Rinpoche has literally extended His blessings and protection over countless number of beings, both visible and invisible and helped them out of seemingly impossible situations.

During performance of Great Accomplishment Practices with Drikung Ontrul Rinpoche, inconceivable accomplishments include the boiling of the contents of the Pantza and Rakta, multiplying of the nectar pills, flowing forth of nectar from the Torma and many other such holy accomplishments are witnessed by all.

Signs of Ganor Rinpoche's attainment: 
1. Rinpoche discovered the water treasure stone from the Brahmaputra river where the oil comes out automatically from this treasure stone. 
2. Rinpoche left a foot print while conducting the rituals of Chöd and 100-fold changbu. 
3. Rinpoche rolled a knife, starting from its tip, between his palms during a group recitation. 
4. Rinpoche left a thumb print on a pebble on July 6 1983. 
5. Rinpoche revealed the Vajra Kilaya Terma. 
6. Rinpoche revealed Terma of The Very Wrathful Achi Chökyi Drolma.

Last night I got a souvenir from Ganor Rinpoche, a framed picture of the 4-Arm Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin). Rinpoche personally blessed the picture and left his thumbprint on the front (right at the heart of Avalokiteshvara) and back. Rinpoche is sought after by countless for His great healing powers. This holy picture is said to offer powerful protection and blessings. Thank you!

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