Thursday, 26 April 2007

Miracles abound - Healing Lama Kangyur Rinpoche

Excerpts from Drophenling's newsletter "In The Loop Of Bliss" - Testimonials from members on Healing Lama Kangyur Rinpoche's pujas and healing powers:

Lim Hui Chin
"About 2 months back, I was in China and suffered from a stroke there. Then, the whole of my left body could not move, my legs and arms had no strength to walk or move at all. But I was lucky because Rinpoche was in Singapore and I went to see him.

Rinpoche's blessing was amazing, he blew blessings onto my arms twice, I didn't tell but I guess maybe he knew that my arms had a big problem. My doctors and therapists told me that arms always recover much slower than legs in stroke cases, they didn't have much hope for my case and said my arm could be permanently disabled already.

Anyway while Rinpoche gave me blessings and blew on my hand, there was this incredible force of energy that flowed through my arm and caused it to move and tremble on its own. It was as if the energy was unblocking the channels in my arm. My sister beside me thought I was shivering but I wasn't! After the blessing, about a few days later, my arms started to react and my fingers could start moving. it was really a miracle. Usually the doctors say shoulders start to move first and then finally down to the fingers but in my case it was so rare and special. For one month since my stroke, my legs didn't even have strength to lift itself up. But after 2-3 days from Rinpoche's blessings I could actually move them, I was really surprised!"

Chua Zhi Ming
"The first time I consulted Rinpoche, he did a divination for my illness, and told me "You once dreamt about something entering your ear". I was really surprised because indeed, I had this dream a long time before. Rinpoche told me I had been a victim of black magic via the dream, and this person had also taken my clothes to do black magic, and I also ate food from this person.

It became very clear to me when Rinpoche said all these, it was all too accurate. I previously worked in Indonesia, and I knew the person whom Rinpoche described was my ex Boss. It was also when I left Indonesia to return here that my health started deteriorating and it has not been good since.

Rinpoche advised me to do a few pujas and also gave me blessings. The next day when I woke up, my ear felt a little itch, so I put my finger in to scratch... and a small and round black thing (which is the same thing that entered my ear in the dream) came out! I was so amazing! Since that black thing came out, I feel much better and more energetic."

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