Thursday, 26 April 2007

Very special healing puja

The Healing Puja I participated last week was very special which helped not only in subduing black magic and curses, but also very beneficial for alleviating health problems such as anxiety, depression or people who are prone to suffer from nervous breakdown. Kangyur Rinpoche explained before that when others bear grudges or hatred against you secretly, and after a prolonged period of time, it naturally forms into a negative energy against us (even though it may not be deliberate or intentional). This negative force is akin to a curse and is harmful to us because it makes us feel listless and weak in body and mind.
In one particular procedure of the puja, the Lamas tied each participant with 5 different colour of threads, which signifies 5 different types of obstacles and problems we are entrapped in. These include health problems, black magic spells, curses, witchcraft as well as negative karma we have accumulated since beginningless time. And it is also precisely due to the vicious cycle of accumulation of negative karma that sentient beings are trapped within this endless cycle of uncontrolled existence.

During the puja, the Lamas then cut broken the 5 colour threads, symbolic of freeing us from all of our problems, worries, illnesses and negative conditions. At that time, Yamantaka (who is the emanation of Manjushri Buddha) uses Manjushri's Sword of Wisdom to liberate from the suffering of the 5 colour threads.

It is recorded in the scriptures that every single person has 424 subtle illnesses in the body and 80,000 different obstacles that we may encounter. This is a fact that no human being can avoid. However because we are ordinary beings, we are unable to detect any problems in our body until the sickness manifests before us.

It was a special healing puja attended by a few thousand people in Suntec Convention Hall. Whether they were first timers or Buddhist practitioners, weak or abled people, everyone wished to be liberated from suffering.

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