Sunday, 31 August 2008

Premier SIlver cab - brickbats

That day, I got up a Premier Silver cab. The first thing the cab driver asked was if I had any small change. Fair enough, I checked and said yes I have small notes and coins. On the way I discovered I have lots of coins. So I gave him mostly $1 dollar coins and fifty cents coins. The driver seemed frustrated having to have many coins to count. In the end, he threw all the coins into his container loudly. I thought that was a tad too rude. And just when I got off the cab, he stepped on his gear and zoomed off. I was shocked wth his attitude. He asked for small change and I gave him small change. Most cab drivers would be so happy I gave them coins. I would never take a Premier Silver cab again. I think his cab number is 5231 if I am not wrong. I hope his company sits up and read this. Please train your drivers to be more professional.

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