Saturday, 27 September 2008

Prawn mee soup, pronto!!

I bought the Prima Taste Prawn Mee Mix Meal Kit a few days ago. Today since it's the weekend, I had the chance to cook it for the family during lunch. This was highly recommended to me by friends if you want a quick nothing-can-go-wrong fix for prawn noodle soup, since the pack consists of:
Prawn Stock Mix
Prawn Mee Chilli Powder
Garlic Powder
Fried Shallot

I prepared the ingredients, like prawns and pork, towgay (bean sprouts), fish cake, and the yellow noodle as well as a little of bee hoon. After cooking the prawns, I threw them into cold water (so that the prawns can be crunchy). Then I threw in the prawn stock mix and started cooking the rest of the ingredients. And voila, in less than 30 minutes a meal for 8 is completed!

Actually this noodle soup dish which is immensely popular with Singaporeans, makes a simple satisfying meal with noodles in a rich aromatic prawn-pork soup. The traditional method would be more of a hassle as
the prawn stock is the most crucial, having to boil the soup stock with prawns, prawn shells and pork ribs before you get the aromatic stock. With Prima Taste, it saves helluva time in preparation. Each pack serves 3 - 4 portion(s). Each pack costs S$6. Here is how you cook Prawn Noodle Soup.

It is also a convenient way to 骗小孩 (bluff the kids) ... because my nephew liked the soup very much and he asked in a surprised tone "Yee yee, you mean you cooked this? You mean not Gong gong (grandpa)? Not Mama (grandma)? Not Lao ma (great Granny)? You mean you cooked this?" These days, we shouldn't call ourselves "cook", more of "coordinator". Hiak hiak hiak .... (",)

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  1. these days, "coordinating" instant foods is the way to go for bz, working individuals like ourselves. At least the "effort" is still there..way beta than instant mee all the time


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