Sunday, 23 November 2008

Home sweet home....

I am back! A whirlwind 10 days in Dubai, and experience with a new place. Just need my beauty sleep for a while, as I arrived real early this morning. I miss my bed and bolster so much..... More photos later...

Another thought... I am considering whether to make this blog private. Only people who are really interested in what I write will be given access to this blog. I have found that sometimes, I am being "evaluated" and "judged" based on what I wrote and my daily thoughts. I guess I am like most bloggers, write about how I feel and experience in my daily life. And I am sure most bloggers would not reveal much of their personal problems or frustrations or feelings to sensitive personal issues. What most people would write are their joys and happy moments from their daily happenings. I guess I am like them too. Thus sometimes for people who do not know me well, they tend to misinterpret and judge me on what I wrote based on their own personal opinions. Well, I prefer they keep their personal opinions to themselves because some remarks are not necessary, and may not be necessarily real conclusion of me and my character. As a hypothetical example, if I write that I hope to buy my dream car one day, it does not mean I am a spendthrift who will splurge on unneccessary big expensive items all the time. Nor does that mean I am only interested in high end stuff.

On the same note, I would like to thank those readers who visit my blog frequently and gave me encouragement. I will think about whether I am making my blog private soon. If you are my supportive readers, you will be given access after you email me.


  1. hope i'm not one of the "assuming" ones in that category ,lol8. :)
    at least people (of all sorts, of coz) find your blog interesting, even if they given unwarranted or insensitive remarks..

    it's true that people do expect you to conform to their social and moral expectations, just like in real life-and all the more harder for a blogger because the extend and reach is a lot wider..and a blogger does get lifted unto a pestial in that sense

    g8 to have come across ur blog, btw

  2. Thanks articulator! No you are not one of the assuming ones.

  3. Eh... hope I am also not 1 of the "assuming" ones though I have come across your blog quite recently.

    Do invite me as one of your readers if you really do privatise your blog.



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