Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Beautiful momentum

Countdown for my Dubai trip in 3 days..... suddenly so many things to do and buy, and things to clear. Last minute appointments with clients who called for a meet up ( I love my clients, especially even the difficult ones). I need to clear some paperwork before I fly, although I will be bringing my laptop along. Need to buy some gifts, need to buy the (fresh) stuff requested by friend, and also things to settle, and I have not started packing. I so happy I can catch up with Veg soon, have not seen her for a year! And glad to be able to finally see my tai tai friend's big house... hehe.

Long time ago, I had actually planned to go somewhere on a holiday with another friend, sometime around this year end, but somehow things are so unpredictable. Sometimes, we cannot even predict what will happen tomorrow and where our friends have gone to or sometimes we are disappointed at how they have turned out to be.

For now, I so busy but so fun. And hopefully when I come back from this trip, it will be a change of luck, to be even better.

I pray that one day soon, I will be able to go on a Dharma retreat to either India or Nepal or anywhere..... anywhere where the masters/gurus are. I will be even more excited if that happens, when my good karma ripens and when my calling comes. I hope by then, I will be at the retreat with the right company. Om mani padme hum!


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