Monday, 10 November 2008

Hort Park stroll

After a very full hi tea buffet with friends yesterday, we went to Hort Park. As it was already evening and getting dark, we only managed to explore only one small part of the entire park. We had a stroll at the forest walk, the metal bridge which was supposedly 2.4km long. I think we walked about half of the entire length of the bridge and turned back, and that took us about 45 minutes.

The park is interesting and consists of a few areas from Hyderabad Road all the way to Mt Faber. I will go back to explore the rest of the park next time. I saw many plants and trees which were pretty uncommon, so I would like to photograph those, as I am a nature lover. Would also like to venture into the other side which is another long bridge, Henderson Waves. Note: Those with acrophobia are advised not to walk on the bridge as it can be pretty daunting looking down.

After the long and sweaty walk, we had to cool ourselves down at Raffles Town Club last night, for a bottle of red wine. *hic*

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