Monday, 1 December 2008

The break of dawn

Taken onboard flight, at the break of dawn. I have always like the sun, whether sunrise or sunset. Dawn signals the beginning of everything - promises, hopes, the future - while dusk wraps up all that is completed for the day - closure, time to contemplate, plan for future.

Today is 1 December, the last month of 2008. Finally 2008 is going to be over soon. I guess this year has been a testy period for me and friends. This is the year where "silly things" happened. Somehow this year little little misunderstandings happened, over the slightest minute matters. In the past, I would have persisted to confront problems when I bump into testy issues. I would seek for an answer to the problem, talk it out, resolve and move on. But this year, at this moment, after all that has happened, I am actually quite exhausted. Because.... when some things are not ready for an answer yet, you can't push for an answer. Just have to let time take charge and heal. I guess what I can do now is ..... just take life one thing at a time, and I am sure better things will come to me and I myself have to start looking at things in a more positive way and start making the changes in my life to make myself happier. I have to ignore the past and negative influences, and start brand new again. 明天会更好.

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