Friday, 15 May 2009

Double terrors

These are my twin cousins, Darryl and Darren. They are a pair of the most hyperactive and naughty boys I have ever seen. They are really double bundles of joy and exasperation for their parents. Since young, their energy were unstoppable and they were fearless of everything, everyone except their eldest 21-year-old brother, who is fiercer to them than their parents. They were fearless on the roads, sometimes dashing across the roads. They are not afraid of strangers or their teachers. They have voracious appetites, as they can eat non-stop if without control, especially snacks and drinks. They have in them a kind of innocence of a small boy still, although they are real intelligent, in fact sometimes too clever, too "garang" I feel. However I still dote them, I dote all small kids.

I have a thing for twins. If given a choice I do not mind a pair of twins next time (kill 2 birds with 1 stone). And I prefer twin boys than twin girls (because 2 girls would give me double the worries for their safety). I love girls but I am afraid I would dote girls too much and tend to be more watchful. I prefer boys as they are more independent and I believe in giving them the freedom they need, as I think I will be very liberal although with discipline. When I see mothers blogging about their babies, especially twin babies, they looked so cute and adorable.

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