Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A luminous welcome

Suddenly there is a pandamania in Singapore. 

 A cute adorable little panda from Chengdu, and no, I don't think this is Kai Kai or Jia Jia.

Singapore recently welcomed 2 giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia from Chengdu, China. They are on a 10-year loan from the Chinese government to mark two decades of strong ties between China and Singapore.  It was the pandas' first time away from home, and extra care was taken to minimise stress for them.  A welcome ceremony was held at the JetQuay Terminal at Changi Airport, and the pair were brought to their new home at River Safari in a temperature-controlled vehicle.

The pandas will be in quarantine at a special den for a month where they will be closely monitored and given time to settle in before they move into their million-dollar home at Singapore's upcoming tourist attraction, the River Safari. The public can only catch the pandas in December.   

Talk about special treatment for our foreign talents.
This photo is taken from Singapore News Alternative, at the welcome ceremony by a few big shots, including our ex-President, Mr Nathan.  I wonder why they have to wear like this, similar to the CWO (Corrective Work Order) coat? In Singapore, offenders who were found littering in public places, may be punished by committing a few hours to picking up rubbish. Offenders are required to wear a bright orange jersey, which is to bring shame to them and hope they do not repeat their acts again.  :X

Then last week, Singapore welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate to our sunny shores of the Lion City. My salute to the Prince who managed to still look dashing and charming in a coat throughout the entire visit. 

There was much hooha about their "tai ji" wayang visit to old Queenstown. Responding to the online criticism, MP Indranee Rajah (wearing lime green) has acknowledged that the scenes at Queenstown put up by the establishment for the visit of Prince William and Princess Kate were indeed staged. It was meant to showcase HDB living as well as the various cultural and community activities of Singapore. Ms Indranee emphasized, “It was not to suggest that these activities take place at 3pm everyday..…”. 

Saw this photo from Facebook. The future King and Queen of England met up with our most "royal" familee in Singapore too, although it seemed that only Mrs Lee's lime green garb received more attention. 

Our welcome committee was mobilised again, according to mrbrown (hilarious post) to welcome Prince William and Princess Kate. What a luminous welcome indeed.

By the way, is lime green in fashion? 

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