Tuesday, 15 January 2013

During my 'me' time.... and the importance of selecting the right people

This was my lunch one of the days prior to a meeting.  It was Mongolian pork ribs rice. It had the "wok hei" and went very well with the runny egg and the lime juice. 

I am running outside and alone most of the time.  So in between work and meetings, I eat alone on most days. When we are alone, it is also a good time to gather our thoughts, reflect and analyse on what is right or wrong. I like my "alone" time a lot because I can think back on the recent happenings and contemplate. It is also sometimes a time to alert myself to how the people around me behave. And to check myself that I do not fall into undesirable behaviour too.

On this day, while having my Mongolian pork ribs rice, I was thinking about the importance of selecting the right people in an organization and the people representing it. The people, staff, helpers, runners, contributors are the integral part of any organization, so to me the selection process must be proper and accurate. Although what we are dealing with are humans, and sometimes human behaviour and their actions are totally unpredictable, I think it takes a little of gut feel and years of experience to gauge who is a right fit and can a team player. And plus what I learn from Dharma, the motivation of the selected person is very important. Many people like to outwardly 'show' and have us think how good their motivation is, but what exactly their motivation is inside, only they will know themselves

I have met and encounter many types of people; family, relatives, colleagues, bosses, staff, clients, business associates, friends from buddhist centres, and strangers. Through some interaction and conversations with them, and/or working with them, I know how they areI love talking to/working with calm people who know what they are doing and doing it right. There is no need for them to impress me with a cock and bull story I do have a particular 'aversion' to noisy and domineering people who are full of empty actions and talk.  Like they say, empty vessels make the most noise. One can be saying and doing a lot of things just to impress others. One can behave differently to different people. One can be over-zealous on the surface to impress and appear present 'in-your-face' to everyone in order to achieve their goals. Sometimes I hope the good people engaging in the 'job' selection process possess good judgement and not be blinded by others' ulterior motives. I am especially extra wary when someone talks to me non-stop about anything everything under the sky, 90% of which is just merely empty unnecessary talk and just for show. Yes, I do not take easily to those who yak and yak non-stop. 

Although some may think I am biased to a certain extent, but due to my past experiences, I like to conclude, my concern is not unfounded.  While I cannot change or influence others' behaviour or the decision makers' mind, I can only work towards my own behaviour. And being mindful of my own behaviour, speech, actions and mind is the most important to transforming myself to be a better human being.

Just my thoughts of the day, during my "me" time.  

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