Friday, 10 January 2014

The huge red guy with red wax in a dream

Three days ago, it was the second night in a row I was  awakened by alarm at 4am which I had no idea who and when it was set.  Its alarm was very loud that I jumped out of bed and kept pressing before it stopped. This alarm was from my company hand phone I carry with me. The same thing happened the previous night but I forgot about it. I just switched it off and fell asleep. 

So I was awake by the false alarm (literally) and was trying to get to sleep. I fell asleep again at 5plus. I had a long dream. I was in a house with many many rooms. Quite an empty house except rows of built in cupboard, and each room was quite empty. I think I was supposed to stay over or something as I explored the house.

Then I got to the back of the house and stood outside looking at the house. I saw from a distance my friend XXX,  with a hand towel over her neck and seemed to be going out for a walk. 
Then fast forward, I was inside the house again. This time I passed by a small simple altar and there were the statues of Lama Tsongkhapa and his 2 disciples.  A certain event was happening and many people seemed to be going to have dinner. However there was also a ritual or something happening.

Suddenly I saw a big size stout guy wearing red and also wearing something red on his head. I cannot remember how he looks like now, except he was like a giant. He was carrying a huge ladle and a pail. Everything about him was huge. In fast motion, he scooped from the pail what seemed like hot red wax and was pouring the red hot liquid all over XXX head!! :O 

The funny thing was the red wax dried up immediately upon touching her body and turned hard. XXX whole body was almost covered in red wax. I was too shocked and rushed over to help her stop the huge red guy. She was just sitting there without moving, letting the wax dripped on top of her head and down her body. 

I cushioned myself between the huge red guy and XXX, to block him from continuing to pour the red wax. Strangely the huge red guy relented and vanished into thin air. I quickly tried to remove the hardened wax on XXX body. Surprisingly the red wax came off pretty easily. In no time, I had removed blocks and blocks of the red wax from her body. All this while XXX was quiet and did not say anything. She was calm. As for me, I was just too shocked. 

I'm not sure what's the significance of this dramatic and happening dream. Anyway immediately after this dream, I received some news about XXX. Anyway I hope everything is cleared and well now. 

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