Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The two grand aunts who always gave Ang Pows

And so the lesson of impermanence continues.... seems like the remnants of the Snake year are still present (the Horse year has not arrived yet).... the period of sickness and death.  

Just last week, I heard that a grand aunt (my maternal grandmother's younger sister), has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She is now awaiting doctor's advice and treatment. She has become very thin, (her usual self was already quite thin). In contrast, my grandma who is more than 10 years older than her sister, has put on weight and eating well. My this grand aunt can cook very well, and a very capable lady. She used to run a provision shop in the Katong area. She is very generous and would always cook a lot of food for everyone. She always made her wonderful Cheng Tng and agar agar, meat dumplings, to pass to us. And whether she sees us kids or not during the CNY, she would pass Ang Pow to us. May my grand aunt have a smooth and speedy recovery soon.

Then yesterday I received news that another grand aunt from my father's side of the family has passed away suddenly, due to heart problem. Grandaunt and her family of many children used to be our old neighbour when I was a baby staying in an old shop house until I was 6 years old. Her whole family, especially her late husband, liked to carry and play with me, and the whole family really looked after and doted on me. They had a pet parrot, and they even trained the parrot to call my name, whenever I am around. 

My this grand aunt had a wonderful temperament, always jovial, happy and smiling, and liked to chit chat. She always asked about me, and asked my parents to pass Ang Pow to me during the CNY even when I didn't visit her. All her children, who are technically my aunts and uncles, are always friendly and happy to see me, and we would talk as if we are still staying next door to each other, very close with no airs. May my this grand aunt have a very good rebirth. 

I am grateful to know these 2 grandaunts in this lifetime. 

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