Sunday, 3 August 2008

"heng heng" wallet

I have been wanting to buy a new wallet for a while, as I have been using my Elle red wallet for 3 - 4 years. I did not want to waste money, so I keep putting off buying and plus I have not seen any wallet that I like. Finally last week the coin compartment of my wallet gave way, and all the coins fell out. So it was time to buy a new wallet.

Even then I did not immediately go out and buy it because I want to find one that I like. Have browsed through the shops and seen the usual brands, and I didn't really like them. Finally today I was browsing in Takashimaya, and found it, a Fion Platinum red leather wallet. It was not a bright red, but rather dark red with nice pattern. The salesgirl said all Fion Platinum wallets are limited edition. Since it is not so common, and I like it, so I bought it. I paid $100+, not that expensive, compared to the branded ones like LV, Coach, Agnes B etc...

My lucky colour is red, hence my wallet has got to be RED RED and RED! Heng heng (teochew for 'lucky") ah... All those items that are important I would normally made sure it is red, or one of my lucky colours. For example, wallet, bag, namecard holder, notebook etc..

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