Friday, 25 September 2009

Is Singapore part of China????

For the last time, America, get this straight. We, the citizens of Singapore are from Singapore. City is Singapore. Country also Singapore. Although we are only but a tiny red dot in South East Asia, we do not belong to China or Japan (the other big red dot) or any other big Chinese country you know. We are an independent country.

From Twitter, @izreloaded tweeted that "Paris Hilton is in Singapore for F1. She's hyped because she's never been to China before. LOL".

Miss Paris, can I ask if you are from France?  And please enjoy your stay here in Singapore. Remember you still have not been to China yet.  (By the way, she has already deleted her tweet).

Then @celestially tweeted "Did you notice something's wrong with the 'HELLO china' message on the coach website?

On the website of Coach, at the bottom, number 5 box, it announced the opening of its store in Singapore but with the heading 'Hello China!'. Hello, Coach, didn't your marketing folks get their location right?? Do you know exactly where you opened your stores?

Did China hijacked Singapore or what??? Is Singapore spelt as "XinJiaPo" a city from China?? Singapore may have increasingly many PRCs coming here to work, that does not make Singapore part of China! Singapore is made up of different nationalities - Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians etc.. - multi-racial, multilingual, multi-whatever. BUT WE ARE NOT FROM CHINA. Eventhough our ancestors might have been immigrants from China, that does not make our country Singapore part of China!!

This is a CHINA flag

This is a SINGAPORE flag.

Do they look like they are the same to you, besides both having 5 stars? My ex ex Prime Minister was Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and not Deng Xiao Ping! 

Now I am ready for the F1 race. ***RRRRRROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!!****


  1. LOL. You have to pardon them, the American NEVER learn world history like we do. ;)

  2. Paris Hilton. She should talk less and make more videos.

    Oops. =X


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