Saturday, 26 September 2009

Inside that colonial house

Last night, while still nursing my stuck nose and my throat, which has turned from pain to itchiness (coughing), I had a dream. I dreamt that I was in a huge colonial house. It was quite empty inside the big house (it was the size of a few auditoriums) with high ceiling, and I was on the second floor. There were not much furniture. I saw a few people, some I knew, some I did not.

I saw some ex-colleagues and another friend P. We were moving office into this colonial house, I think. Everyone was setting up some office equipment and their own work space. We were chatting where to put the tables, chairs and some other stuff.

Then halfway, some people came. They were 3 ladies who looked like in their 50s (one of them whom I knew) and they were very talkative. They wanted to rent our place or a room and to borrow some of our stuff. I was made to liaise with them. They were quite talkative and insistent on what they wanted, while I was silent in the dream, just listening to them without talking. I think I was not too happy with them, especially the lady whom I knew. After chasing them off, I told P I did not like them. By then, I was not in a very good mood. To pacify me, P made me sit and watch a film which was being projected on the wall (very old school type of projector). In the dream, I think I was also not feeling well. So I laid down on the floor as I watched the film, while the others kept coming to talk to me. I just ignored them. I wanted to rest. P was beside me. P also tried to talk to me to explain something to me. But I could not hear anything.  I was too drowsy and felt sleepy, I remember P was touching my forehead (to see if I had a fever) and then "sayang" me to sleep like a baby. I think I was already half asleep half conscious.

Haha, weird dream again. Everything was so surreal. Dreaming I was sick when I was actually sick in real life. LOL! 


  1. I've read that people have dreamt of their sickness/illness before being diagnosed by doctors or being made aware of it in their waking hours. I wrote about it in my blog.

    But it's also possible to dream of whatever it is that you had been thinking of before you sleep.

    Rest well and get well soon!

  2. Hi Yu-Kym, thanks! Weird thing is, last night i dreamt of me having a fever, now my fever came back again! I do believe dreams come true to a certain extent. As for those dreams you had, I had similar ones too and lots of others. We should study about dreams. :D


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