Thursday, 22 October 2009

"It's all about me, y'know"

It's all about me, u'know. Nope, I'm not going to talk about Ris Low. I've not been writing as I've been reading. There are so many things to read nowadays, from news to articles to other people's blogs and even recipes!  Everything I read is online. I seldom read books nowadays (probably because I read too many books when I was young! haha!). And I am having a little of writer's block..... nah, I don't think I'll ever run out of things to write, just too lazy no inspiration at times. If you want to know me better, I have put together a list of 101 random things about me below. I get tagged in Facebook but never post it there.

1. My jobs have always revolved around sales and marketing in more than a decade long of career.
2. My favourite country is Switzerland, my least favourite country I've not decided yet.
3. Countries I wish to visit as soon as possible - India, Nepal, Japan
4. My 3 favourite drinks - Jolly Shandy, Root Beer/Sarsi, Red wine
5. My least favourite drink is Milk as I am lactose-intolerant.
6. I seldom watch TV, unless I am following a particular drama series. I love travel shows though.
7. My 3 local favourite food - Hokkien noodles, Chilli crab, Satay
8. I am looking forward to a more financially enriching life with a stable relationship.
9. I do not like pearls, prefer diamonds and red ruby. And I look better in gold than silver/white gold.
10. The last film I saw at the cinema was Julie & Julia!
11. I'm not afraid of the dark but I do not watch spooky ghost movies.
12. My unofficial middle name is Triya (not in my IC), I chose that from "Maitreya", the coming Buddha.
13. Food I dislike - beansprouts, star fruit, green peas
14. I have stopped buying CDs. I have a collection of over 500 from the past.
15. My favourite car is a jeep, a white or red Toyota Rush or Rav4. If I am richer, I want a Jaguar XF Sports Saloon. Actually I like black cars, but you see dirt more easily and black is my unlucky colour.
16. One characteristic I greatly despise is people who are unappreciative and ungrateful.
17. I don't have a favourite piece of clothe or accessory.
18. I'm organised and neat, will spring clean my room/house at least once a month, but I'm not a freaking fusspot over cleanliness and everything else.
19. I would not mind migrating somewhere when I'm old, so long as I've a nice companion and family with me.
20. I share the same birthday as His Holiness Dalai Lama, Sylvester Stallone and George W Bush.
21. My shoe size has graduated from 7 to 8.  :S
22. I don't own a pet. Used to own fishes and tortoise and looking forward to a dog in future.
23. My favourite pet is a Sausage Dog, used to like a buddy's sausage dog Ah Girl who didn't like me :(
24. I have a phobia of cats (because of a childhood incident), used to dislike a buddy's persian cat who liked me. :S
25. Favourite flowers - Tulips
26. After prayers, I always dedicate the merits to my loved ones (family and friends) and especially those who are suffering at the moment. 
27. My favourite colour I like to wear used to be red. These 2 years I'm moving towards grey, purple and white, I don't know why.
28. I don't have a favourite restaurant yet.
29. My hair color has always been Mahogany Brown and I need to cover some whites too.
30. I dont have a favorite toy as a child, not even a baby doll. Most probably, it was a drawing board.
31. My favourite season is Autumn.
32. I love anything chocolate - dark choc, choc cake, choc pudding, M&Ms....
33. I drink coffee, I hardly drink tea.
34. The last time I cried was more than a year ago.
35. I never put anything under my bed, because it's good fengshui.
36. I like to cook for my family, especially trying out new recipes.
37. I like both sweet and savoury stuff, depending on moods.
38. My favourite day of the week is Friday, so that I can say "TGIF!!!!".
39. I tend to stay many years in a company (unless it's a dubious company, then less than 6 months).
40. I make friends easily but do not get close to them easily.
41. I like to put fengshui items around the house inconspicuously.
42. I cannot remain faithful to a handphone for long, always in the lookout for newer powerful models/features.
43. My biggest weakness is procrastination (but once I've decided on something, I'm pretty fast to the state of being impulsive).
44. My 2nd biggest weakness is being judgemental.
45. I never forget any heart breaks or the persons.
46. My biggest strength is being loyal and faithful.
47. I like to cook but do not like to bake.
48. I prefer a cosy dim laidback cafe to eat/chat/relax  than an impeccable stylo-mylo high-class restaurant.
49. The place which I'm most at ease is in a prayer hall.
50. I like dreams and I have a lot of dreams. Be it good or bad, it's an indication.
51. I read a lot of fengshui books, as I'm interested in bazi and fengshui.
52. I'm looking forward to Enlightenment within one lifetime.
53. I prefer to shop alone but should never be left alone to shop (because then I won't overspend!)
54. I like to go supermarkets for grocery shopping.
55. I do not like clubbing, prefer just trying out new food in new places and having one to one with friends, so we get to know each other better.
56. I love to travel, prefer at least one short and one long trip per year. 
57. I do not like superficial people, people who put on a front/mask, and backstab you from behind.
58. I do not have a 3rd eye. I don't see spirits or ghosts but I can feel the presence of the Buddhas.
59. I have most affinity with people who are born in the months of December, January, February.
60. I'm trying to have a routine of heavy breakfast, big lunch, late tea and no dinner (trying lah).
61. I want to be incredibly rich so that I can travel and help people in need.
62. I want to nurture a kid (either my own or someone else's) soon.  
63. I wish to be able to see my past lives so that I can understand the impact of what the past has led to the present - cause and effect and karma.
64. I used to wish I'll be a successful businesswoman, still wishing.
65. When I was a kid, I liked to draw top-view layouts of a house and imagining the way different pieces of furniture were arranged.
66. In primary and secondary schools and JC, I used to be most teachers' pet (even those teaching my weakest subject).
67. My weakest subjects were Maths and Science.
68. My strong subjects were in linguistics and the Arts - History, English, Literature, Geography, Bible Studies.  
69. I was a head prefect and I think I was quite liberal. I made friends with the gangsters of the school.
70. I actually felt going through my MBA course was a breeze compared to a computing/IT course. I prefer corporate bullshitting to technical jargons. :P
71. I do not like public speaking, I can relate better if one-to-one. 
72. Many of my bosses or ex-bosses or potential bosses like me during job interviews and often offered me the job on the spot.
73. When I retire, I want to set up an old-folks home and provide a company for destitutes or abandoned old people.
74. I prefer to think that the worst years of my life had been and would only be 2007-2008. Adios!
75. As I grow older, I find it hard to make new close friends (maybe the invisible guard is up).
76. I like pineapples as-is, and not in any cooked food like thai pineapple rice or rojak.
77. I don't like cheese as-is, but in pizza and cheese cake, I'm fine.
78. I don't express myself enough, especially to those I love.
79. I'm more vocal to those I don't like "Don't call me!"
80. I do not like to be misunderstood or get scoldings for nothing without hearing my explanation first.
81. I should eat lesser bread.
82. If I get wrinkles on my face, I don't mind botox or minor surgery to look good, but not if I'm going to look like a wayang witch.
83. If I will have kids, my ideal will be 3. But I know it will be one birth, hopefully it'll be twins).
84. I love kids as they are the most innocent and they are more upfront as they don't hide their feelings.
85. I love it that through social media and tools, I'm able to converse and get in touch with celebrities I like.
86. I like pen pals - one in Holland when I was a kid, then it was with my buddy when she's overseas, then it was with someone famous. Now, with emails, it's even faster but lost the novelty of writing/reading on paper.
87. I had really like to get in touch with the different Buddhas and Bodhisattvas I know, meaning have them speak to me, so that I'll know what is their advice for me.
88. I've seen plenty of and don't like people who take advantage of others, fully "utilising" others (gao geng). Remember, what goes out will come back to you.
89. I dislike fly-by-night small self-proclaimed businessmen who give you plenty of dreams and promise you the world but without meaning a single word they say. I deem these people lower than those who had committed a sin, repented and serving behind bars.  
90. I wish that whoever I doted on and ever loved, will remember what I did for them in a good way.  
91. I have a sensitive active scalp. Whenever I do rebonding, big flakes will fall within the next 2 days, a renewal of scalp and not dandruff.
92. When something bad is going to happen, I can always feel it. My neck and head behind would turn hot and sometimes my eyelids twitch.
93. I like to donate blood, and always they can only inject the needle into my left arm and not right arm (cannot see the vein).
94. I used to like everything colourful in my life, bright clothes, colourful stuff / wardrobe. Now as I get older, I'm heading towards neutral shades.I don't wear black though....
95. If you ever get to know me in this lifetime, and if you like me enough, please come back and reconnect to me in future lifetimes. If you don't, please leave me alone. 
96. I want to meet someone I really love and who will love me back equally.
97. If I were to live my life all over again, I would start from age 16 onwards and make it different and even more spectacular. 
98. I like rain than the sun. 
99. I like greenery and like to grow plants.
100. If you meet me for the first time, remember that I am shy and not because I am snobbish. If you meet me for the 2nd time and I can't recognise you, forgive me because I'm not good at remembering faces and not because I don't like you.
101. I want to live my life with no regrets and I would like to die peacefully in my sleep.

That's all folks, and TGIF tomorrow!!!!

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  1. wahliow....u can write so long list...geng ler...

    btw, dylan looks chubby...shud be from the dad's gene ler...


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