Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lunch on a conveyor belt

One of the days, I met up with 2 friends for lunch. On impromptu, they chose Sakae Sushi. I normally prefer other Japanese restaurants if given a choice. I don't know why, but psychologically, Sakae Sushi has become sort of a "fast food" Jap chain to me, that I'm afraid it might have compromise a little on the quality of food. It didn't help that the waitress from China did not quite understand what I was asking. I resorted to speaking in Mandarin instead of English, but still, she felt guilty and gave me an unsure look and stony silence. Mind you, it was still too early for the peak hour crowd to arrive, there was no one else except us in the restaurant.  

I feel that the conveyor belt concept in restaurants has somehow lost its novelty. I prefer to order straight from the menu anyway, because the food is fresher(?) from the kitchen, and the computer self-ordering system hangs/screws up most of the time. Their takeaway sushi set looks delicious on the menu.  Since I do not have much choice as I am on vegetarian diet, I ordered miso soup.....

This turned out to be my favourite among other non-meat items I ordered - Mango Avocado Temaki. It was crunchy and juicy.

The Cha Soba and Renkon chips (lotus root) were mediocre and I was a little disappointed. I am particular about noodles, they must be springy and not soggy! I sought solace in the Kappa - cucumber sushi - dipped in wasabi.

Another item I liked - Potato Koroke - with a tinge of curry flavour.

What my friends had, all from the conveyor belt. Yes, I miss California Maki.

The total bill was reasonable, less than $50. I did a mental count of my portion of 7 items, it only costs $15. Value for money. If next time when I visit again, I would rather try others like the Bento sets, Teppanyaki or the Yakimono items. I'm not a huge fan of sushi anyway.

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