Wednesday, 11 November 2009

May you grow to be toothless!!!

Today, 11/11 is my sis' birthday.  Here's the card I got for her. I bought this card exactly one year ago in Dubai, waited exactly one year to give, because it's meant for "a lovely Sister" mah.....  Also got her a heart-shaped cake from Angie's The Choice as well as a handbag. (Left photo: Sis when she was about 8, one tooth missing).

Today is also the day her kids got back their report cards from school. Both have marvelous results which my sis can be proud of. Both are going to the top class in their respective levels. I believe that is the best birthday gift she can receive. She, I mean, they (the kids) have slogged the whole year. :D

Sis, may you have all the happiness you deserve. Be brave and courageous always. 

Happy Birthday, sis!


  1. oh! That's so sweet.

    I find little presents & things for my sister that I save in a small box and send to her randomly as surprises. It's wonderful how the tiniest things bring so much happiness.

  2. Hi TMC,
    Wow you are very thoughtful to do that! I agree it's the little things that give happiness.


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