Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Udon at Meidya

The Japanese food counters at the basement of Liang Court inside Meidiya Supermarket is a regular haunt, if I am nearby. Each different section specialises in different Jap food; Curry, Sushi, Udon, Sashimi, etc.. The station I frequently dine in is the one selling Udon.
I just love their Pork Katsu Udon. Freshly deep fried, and submerged in the big bowl of clear soup, is so refreshing and wholesome. 
The quality of udon is good, QQ chewy and filling, compared to foodcourt standard and even some restaurants.
Even cut and cooked till perfection, the Pork Katsu is juicy and full of flavours bursting when you bite into one. 
And this is a good place to rest and relax, have a nice economical Jap meal and later on shop at the Meidiya supermarket for more Jap food and stuff. 

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