Saturday, 21 April 2007

Ikea day

In the continuing weekend-babysitting-because-exams-fever, I brought my nephew out to Ikea Tampines Superstore today. Have not been there since it opened because heard about THE CROWD. Yes it is huge. We had lunch at its famous cafe. Ordered the kids spagetti for him, the poached salmon for myself. Actually I used to love the meatballs alot alot, but ever since I abstained from beef, never touched those balls for a long time. Anyway the food is passable and the chicken wings are juicy. My nephew ate everything up.

Later he was deciding for the next one hour about going into Smaland, the place where the kids were left to play while the parents shop. He is that timid and indecisive in that sense, but once he made up his mind, he was nagging me every minute while we were inside shopping. One hour later, he emerged, happy and thrilled of his newfound playground, with the ballroom, and the climb, the drawing area and the tv area. He made me promise to bring him again.

We ended spending half the day in Ikea. We didnt quite made it to the huge Courts Superstore in the next building and the giant Giant Supermarket across the road. Next time.

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