Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My creation

Once in a very very very blue moon, I will cook, and even more so if it's Western food. Had the opportunity to because my parents are away for holiday. I had the assistance of an overly enthusiastic niece. So we had a fun time going to the supermart buying the stuff to prepare and cook. I bought slabs of chicken fillet, 2 types, one was already marinated, and the other I marinated it myself. Got some garlic bread. Got some shitake mushroom. Got some mixed veggies. Got some hash browns. And made some mushroom soup with additional shitake mushroom crumbs, which turned out quite good. And had some sparkling juice (kids were not allowed to drink red wine) to add to the occasion. While I was busy in the kitchen cooking up the storm, niece laid the table and apportion the food. I think overall the meal tasted ok... so-so (could be better), but looks-wise, it sure looked good. Heh!

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