Thursday, 23 October 2008

Naked Nua-fy

I saw Rich Friend's Muffy last night, just after his haircut (see pix on the left). My God, Muffy looks so scrawny without his usual fluffy hair. He looked such a pitiful poor thing without his usual comfort "blanket", don't you think so? Can't wait till his hair grow again in about 2 months' time.

He is the most quietest dog I have ever seen, meaning he does not even bark at all. People would think he is mute. He is just so calm and quiet, and not hyperactive at all, preferring to just lie down and relax ALL THE TIME. When you bring him for a walk, while other dogs would be walking rushing excitedly in front of their owners, Rich Friend has to drag Muffy along, because he is always tagging behind slowly, walking reluctantly, sometimes even braking suddenly to lie down. He is the most "nua" (lazy and inert) dog I have ever seen, perhaps just like his owner....

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