Sunday, 5 October 2008

What's in a bag?

While I was packing my bag earlier, decided to do a Straits Times' Urban column aka."Whats in a bag?" where celebrities were made to show what stuff they normally carry with them. Here is what's in mine:

1. Rabeanco handbag. I like the big roomy leather bag in earthy colour. It even comes with a big pouch so that my stuff won't swim inside the bag. Great for shopping or office sometimes, as it can hold my small laptop as well. Actually, I have many bags which I change about often, so I won't say this is exactly my favourite bag.

2. Nokia E71 handphone. This is my new mobile phone, which is something I cannot leave home without, as I am on standby for calls from clients as well as The Boss. E71 always allows me to check emails on the go or chat on MSN or view photos I snapped. It's my alarm clock, my organiser, directory, MP3 player all rolled into one. I am a handphone freak, always changing phones and this is my latest addition.

3. Acer Aspire One. My blue 8.9" laptop is my working and walking office now. It accompanies me to office or when I am outside doing presentations to clients. And its 6-cell battery has a long battery life of 5 hours, so there is no need to bring the charger with me. I am waiting for Acer to bring in new stock of the 3-cell battery as well as to allow me to upgrade the RAM from 1GB to 2GB.

4. Radley collection. As
blogged earlier, I have bought this red Radley leather wallet and coin purse as well as a card holder recently, together with my friends. Each of us bought a different colour combination. I am waiting for a red Radley key pouch but it is not available in this collection. Why red? Because its my lucky colour.

5. Bonia key pouch. I am still using my old Bonia key pouch which was a set with my previous wallet and handbag. I attached a nice souvenir inside the key pouch which is a doggie coin. This coin is the size of our one-dollar coin, and it comes in handy in supermarkets where I can use it to slot into the trolley.

6. Paris Miki spectacles. I have 2 spectacles - one red, one beige. Depending on the colour combination of my attire each day, I will bring one out. I realised the shape and pattern of my specs are quite similar and identical. I guess I look best in these 2 pairs of specs compared to other designs.

7. Aldo sunglasses. This is my godsend, and it's pretty worn out - the case I mean. I normally wear Aviator sunglasses and I have been wearing this pair for the past 2-3 years. I will wear it till I find another Aviator sunglass, I guess. I need sunglasses to protect my eyes, and for times when I develop sudden food/drug allergies, as the first area which will hit me are my eyes which will become swollen.

8. Pierre Cardin cosmetic pouch. It took me a long time to find the cosmetic pouch with the right size and design. With this black plain one, I guess my taste is pretty conservative, but it allows me to put all my little stuff inside. Among the little items inside this pouch, I have the L'occitane hand mosturiser which smell heavenly. And the other is Origins Peace of Mind. It's a perk-me-up cream which is superb for mid-day sleepiness or headaches. Both are gifts from Rich Friend. We call this the "high class hong you" (chinese medicated oil) because the minty smell is so effective. Both are also my weapons to ward off smelly taxis or people or stuffy places which stink.

9. Maroon card holder. This contains all my credit cards and discount cards and membership cards etc... I have about 20 of them so this is very useful as it keeps me organised.

10. Buddha's blessings. This little pouch contains all the buddha's items I received from Rinpoches or monks. They are special because they are all blessed and consecrated. My Yamantaka ruel serves as a strong protection too, against unwanted stuff.

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