Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Happy birthday, sis!

11/11. Today was sis birthday. She wanted to have steamboat at home. So I bought and prepared all the ingredients, then marinated them, cut them, sliced them, and cooked the soup stock full of goodness, with chicken stock, pork ribs, dried scallops, minced meat and corn. There were so much food I bought for the steamboat; sliced pork, sliced chicken, sliced fish, cuttlefish, shelled prawns, sea cucumber with mushroom, fuzhou fishball, tang hoon, young corn, seafood sticks, scallop sausages, chicken sausages, chives dumplings, tou fu, fish dumplings, mushrooms, liver etc.. I think I had enough food to feed the army. Then I had to dig out my BBQ pot and steamboat pot from the store room and had to clean them thoroughly. Actually the purchasing and preparation already so tiring. I will forget about having steamboat during CNY reunion dinner. Just eat out, boost the economy a bit! And I don't have to clean up the house afterwards!

We also had chocolate cake, and ice cream and cookies! Gosh, it was a sinful dinner. But then it's a celebration, so it's alright. Godbro joined us today, after a long while, so that's cause for celebration too. Hope she likes the Coach wristlet I bought for her (
which matches her Coach handbag). Happy birthday, sis! Hope you will worry less and stay happy always!

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