Saturday, 8 November 2008

My dream came true

I was reading my past entries and saw this post about my dream in end 2005, in regards to my new house and Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin). I realised I am quite blessed because the dream came true.

That time, I dreamt that I was going into an apartment and the "unit number was #06-18" and it "faced a very big field". Indeed, late last year I finally chose my unit and as I was the second last Chinese (due to the ethnic quota allocated to each block), I did not have much choice left. When the computer screen flickered the availability of the units left, the highest floor remaining was the 6th. So my new house turned out to be on the 6th storey indeed, as in the dream, and it also faced a big piece land in front, with views of greenery and trees in the distance, with no blockage.

I dreamt that some distance near the apartment, I saw "my Mom praying and bowing" to the the "four-armed Avalokiteshvara floating in front of the high seat", and with "very fair almost to the colour of translucent white". In real life, what happened was when I was about to shift house, my Mom chanced upon a very beautiful statue of Guan Yin which she fell in love with immediately and decided upon the purchase. Before that we were still pondering which Buddha to invite into our new house. Guan Yin is Avalokiteshvara. And our Guan Yin is indeed translucent white wearing green, sitting on a lotus, she is the most beautiful Guan Yin I have seen.

I was almost unable to purchase this house as I was allocated an unit at another location, which I did not like. And those units I liked, they were all chosen and I was at risk of not even being able to select my current location. All the units were taken up by the time I was supposed to choose. All the units with best facing directions were taken up. I remembered I was so worried about not getting the house I like, and being sent to another location which was worse. I remembered the Master's reassuring sms "You buy the apartment first. Then do the fengshui. The Buddha will protect you and bless you with a good house".

Indeed the Buddha has blessed me with a good house that I like very very much, with a river at the SW of my new house (if I were to choose the other location, there is a river at the NE of that house!). My main door is where the wealth area is, and the house faces the direction which is astrologically one of my best lucky directions. The location itself is so convenient with many amenities and the price of the apartment has doubled now. My family is happy staying in the new house.

The Buddha has already "found" a house for me 2-3 years ago through that dream. Why didn't I have enough faith then?

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