Saturday, 15 November 2008

Shopping in Dubai

Hello from Dubai! What I was doing these 2 days was just shopping and shopping. Visited 2 huge modern and upmarket malls, the Festival City and City Centre so far. What I like to see in malls are checking out for those brands that are not available in Singapore. For those usual brands we have in Singapore, I normally would compare the prices and see if they are cheaper here.

So far, some stuff I got for a steal :

Marks & Spencer blouse - 45 dirhams (S$ 18.80)

New Look 3/4 denim pants for niece - 19 dirhams (S$ 7.90)

New Look denim bermuda for niece - 19 dirhams (S$ 7.90)

Where on earth can you find such deals at these prices? Marks & Spencer blouses usually cost S$ 50 and above in Singapore and Dubai and everywhere. But never in a sale I have seen prices below S$20. And where to find nice-looking denim pants for just S$ 7.90 in Singapore? Hardly. And these items are not from pasar malam. They are from upmarket shops. Of course there are other stuff which are about the same in Singapore and Dubai. Hence the sole purpose is to find those interesting ones that are A STEAL.

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  1. Singapore is really a shopping paradise with Orchard road and the other retail strips. singapore shopping has really improved over the years, especially the great offers during the great singapore sale


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