Friday, 13 July 2012


I am reblogging this from an earlier post. Whenever I watch this MTV again, I am immediately transported back to the time when I first saw the MTV. Years ago, when I first heard and saw 張清芳 - 花雨夜 MTV, I fell in love with the music and backdrop. I love nature, the greenery, the cascading water falls and the woods. I would love the cool weather in that place everyday. 

This MTV was well shot, soothing scenery, melodious voice - pure magic. It is also great for visualisation. I once had a dream of a place which is so very similar to this place in the MTV. It just gives me a very very very very very very comfortable feeling, as if I had been there before. This is what I feel a Pureland is like.

多么凉, 多么香, 多么美.... Enjoy this, just as I did.


  1. You are like SY.. he super love this song too lol

  2. I remember this song. Very lovely song. I like it very much. Good to listen to it again. Thanks for sharing.


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